Gestalt Therapy / Psychosynthesis

Overseas Training Workshops for Psychotherapists

Led by Janette Rainwater

1999     Skopje and Bitola, Macedonia

1996    Janske Lazne, Czech Republic; Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia; Kranj, Slovenija

1995    Prague, Czech Republic; Bratislava, Slovakia; Moscow, Russia

1993    Moscow, Russia; Vilnius, Lithuania

1992    Switzerland; Moscow, Russia

1991    Prague, Czechoslovakia; Moscow, Soviet Union; Switzerland; Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia

1990    Prague, Czechoslovakia; Leningrad, Moscow, Tbilisi (Georgia), Soviet Union

1989    Vilnius (Lithuania) and Moscow, Soviet Union

1988    Moscow, Vilnius, Leningrad, Soviet Union

1986   Szeged, Hungary; Belgrade, Yugoslavia


1972- 1985    

Annual Residemtial Trainings in Different Western European Countries with the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles

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